War Veterans Urge MDC To Elect Mature Leader During Congress

In an interview with NewZimbabwe.com, War Veterans spokesperson Douglas Mahiya said the MDC should elect a mature leader during its elective congress in May.

Mahiya said war veterans are tired of an opposition leader who opposes Zanu-PF for the sake of opposing. Said Mahiya:

MDC supporters must choose a person who they feel is mature, with political aptness who will be able to take their political party forward. That person must be someone who knows the values of being in opposition, political consciousness of the party; not a leader who just opposes for the sake of opposing. A leader who cannot oppose the ruling party’s good policies for the sake of opposing, but positive criticism. We are tired of an opposition leader who even blames the ruling party for a cloudy day because it was supposed to be sunny. As war veterans, we went to war for everyone to enjoy the freedom to choose who they want to lead them and we will not give the opposition a name to choose. But this is their chance to choose a mature person who will benefit both their party and the country.

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3 comments on “War Veterans Urge MDC To Elect Mature Leader During Congress

  1. Who is D Mahiya to comment about MDC. Majaira kushandiswa nezanu pf. War veterans should be above zanu pf coz you fought for everyone not for you take sides and be under zanu

  2. They should be more focused on the reason why they went to war. When they did so, they were equally young and were right to take the decisions they took. Later on when their leaders (who were also young then) realised that power is good, they decided to come up with a one party state to make the party rule forever which resulted in making Zanu Pf being a worse oppressor than their predecessors. Did we not hear everyone in Zanu Pf sing the same song that no opposition will rule the country yet you claim to be democratic? It is not a secret that elections were rigged since time immemorial even with the mature at the helm.

  3. pamaimhanyiswa naBob takamira nemi tichifunga kuti munotida ryt now you are in power makanganwa manje nxaaa kuendera kuhondo muchidya zvinhu zve mass after that you are now turning those guns against us pakati peguta nhasi wakuda kuwawata nezve MDC ndokuri kubva pay yako here pamunobuda makapfeka maED pfee chi warvet here ichocho chomoda kuti makatirwira we are suffering shaa usataura izvozvo you are liberated iwe nevana vako shit

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