Chamisa Trying To Gain Unfair Advantage Over Rivals – ZANU PF MP

Deputy Minister for Information, Energy Mutodi, has denied that ZANU PF and the government are interested in the MDC’s succession politics.

Speaking to Newsday, Mutodi claimed that Chamisa is working with some of the exiled ZANU PF G40 members. He said:

Government is not worried who emerges the winner at the MDC congress, be it Chamisa or Mwonzora.

None of the two is capable of overcoming our 2023 Zanu PF candidate President ED Mnangagwa. We have started reviving the economy and the gains are open for everyone to see.

Chamisa’s sympathisers are alleging that Zanu PF prefers Douglas Mwonzora to emerge as the winner at Congress. There was also a report that President Mnangagwa had invested about $6 million to destroy MDC and to weaken Chamisa. We see all this as a desperate attempt by the Chamisa faction to gain an unfair advantage over rivals by trying to portray Chamisa as a victim of Zanu PF interference.

President Mnangagwa is not concerned who emerges as the MDC Alliance president after Congress. Although we are fully aware that Chamisa has the backing of the deposed G40 faction kingpins such as Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere, Patrick Zhuwao, Shadreck Mashayamombe and many others, we are nonetheless confident to beat whoever we will contest against us in 2023.

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Douglas MwonzoraEnergy MutodiG40 Faction

Douglas Mwonzora is a lawyer, politician and senator representing Movement for Democratic Change in parliament. Mwonzora is currently Secretary General of the MDC Alliance. He was the COPAC Co-Chairperson representing the opposition parties in the drafting of the new constitution in 2013, the other chairperson... Read More About Douglas Mwonzora

Energy Mutodi is a politician and current Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity & Broadcasting Services. He is also a business person, Rhumba musician and an academic. He rose to prominence in 2012 when he released his debut album Simbi Yamudhara. He was accused of swindling... Read More About Energy Mutodi

The Zanu-PF Generation 40, or G40 for short, was a group of Zanu-PF politicians that was believed to be working against the possibility of Emmerson Mnangagwa (Lacoste Faction) succeeding former president Robert Mugabe as president of Zimbabwe. Tentative evidence indicates that the group at one... Read More About G40 Faction

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One Comment on “Chamisa Trying To Gain Unfair Advantage Over Rivals – ZANU PF MP

  1. Matodi, and his party should best shut up and stop meddling. Zvino nyadzisa these poorly choreographed attempts at Bismarkian manipulation. So clear to even blind men.
    Mwonzora, with how he has soiled his face , seen and caught supping with the Devil, should stop talking. His claim hr has a strategy for outsting ZaNU PF is a race cover. He should be shouting instead that he is instrumental to protecting ZANU PF! The nation will not forgive Mwonxora. Mwonxora MuManyika anho nyadzisa. Kumba kwako hskuna mombe here kuita kutengesa ruzhinji rwe Zimbabwe like this. Worse than vanaChirau vaka pihwa mhoswa yecollusion na Smith. Why foes Mwonzora over look this risk to himself of being found ari kutengesa ruzhunji? That it time for ZANU PF to do what it is best at, dispose of the condom it epukd have used in its orgy of sex, its time for Meonzora to be thrown away and into the dust bin of Zimbabwean politics. Mwonxora deserves his plight, he shot self in the foot.

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