‘We Don’t Have Time For You’ – Mnangagwa Responds To Mugabe’s Tirade

Presidential spokesperson George Charamba has dismissed former President Robert Mugabe’s comments that he made on February 21 during his 95th birthday celebrations.

In his remarks, Mugabe took his successor President Emmerson Mnangagwa to task for bad leadership. Mugabe lambasted Mnangagwa for deploying soldiers on August 1 2018, and in January 2019 resulting in the shooting and killing of unarmed defenceless civilians.

In response to Mugabe’s rant, Charamba said:

Even in the village, there are old people with a right to an opinion. We don’t have time for that. Everyone has a prerogative of opinion.

Former President Mugabe is an elderly man whose age is quite advanced. At that age, people tend to have some feebleness of the mind.

Permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information, Ndavaningi Mnagwana said that Mugabe is not a superman. He said:

That state of decrepitude manifests in different ways. Some of the ways are that one is taken advantage of by having words deceptively attributed to them and, in other cases, manipulated to say things they have no lucidity or presence of mind to make sense of.

But, whatever the case, most people who are 95 cannot be held responsible for their actions or words and our former President is no superman. We will continue to remember the positives he contributed to our country and learn from the mistakes he made and still makes in his fallibility as a man of advanced age.


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2 comments on “‘We Don’t Have Time For You’ – Mnangagwa Responds To Mugabe’s Tirade

  1. To me Charamba has always been a real sick man. Jonathan Moyo said it long back. We should not worry about this desperate man, He should have gone with Mugabe thats what he said, why is he still around?

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