Jonathan Moyo Fears Losing His Farm To Govt

Former ZANU PF politburo member and Minister for Higher and Tertiary Education, Jonathan Moyo claims that on Monday soldiers visited his farm under the guise of a ZBC news crew assessing the progress and challenges of farmers in the area. Writing on Twitter on Wednesday morning, Moyo said:

Incensed by this thread exposing the recent dastardly invasion of Farfell Farm, a Manicaland agro-enterprise, FOUR JUNTA AGENTS TRESPASSED into our Mazowe family farm on Monday to make mischief using the name of ZBC “to assess progress and challenges of farmers in the area”!

While TRESPASSING, the junta agents ILLEGALLY videod PADDOCKS to give a false impression of under- or non-utilisation of the farm. Apart from cropping and poultry the 600ha farm mainly has cattle ranching YET NO CATTLE were videoed. Also, NO WORKER CLAIMED TO HAVE BEEN UNPAID!

MY FAMILY OWNS THE FARM. We PAID the government for it in full in 2002 from a CBZ LOAN. IT’S OUR FAMILY INVESTMENT. On 15 Nov 2017, the same Army, that killed my father, attacked, looted and occupied our home and caused us to desert it before blocking my bank accounts. NOW IT’S OUR FARM!



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Mazowe` is a town located in Mashonaland Central Province in Zimbabwe. Read More About Mazowe

Jonathan Moyo is a Zimbabwean politician and former member of the ZANU-PF party where he was a member of the party's Politiburo. He is also the former minister of Higher and Tertiary Education. Moyo was expelled from Parliament as the (Tsholotsho North) Legislator in November... Read More About Jonathan Moyo

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