‘Ndinyengeiwo Girl’ Quits Job After Mega Endorsement Deals – Report

Lorraine Guyo, who rose to fame through her ‘silly’ videos, “Ndinyengeiwo” is reported to have quit her job as she has garnered mega endorsement deals.

Guyo released her twin videos sometime in February where she pleaded for a male suitor as she lamented he loneliness as Valentine’s Day was just around the corner.

The videos immediately went viral, she was subsequently fired from her job, but later re-stated after a public outcry.

In an interview with H-Metro on Valentine’s Day, Guyo had this to say:

Please imbomirai izvozvo ndavakutya camera, but today has been a busy day for me and this is it. I have fallen in love with Mambo’s and I want to thank Jan Jam for dressing me and giving out presents to its shoppers.

I do not want to say much about my job sine Zimbabweans have spoken and I want to thank them for standing with me after my moment of madness that less to the video, which later went viral.

… As for what I am doing, it is better to write that you are seeing because I fear being caught offside and misfire again.



Lorraine Guyo

Lorraine Guyo is a Zimbabwean internet celebrity who got famous after posting a video on social media asking that men propose love to her ahead of Valentine's Day in 2019. She came to be known as the Ndinyengeiwo girl as the video went viral. Read More About Lorraine Guyo

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