“It Will Not Be Good,” Makandiwa Warns Mnangagwa

Founder and leader of United Family International church, Emmanuel Makandiwa, has warned President Mnangagwa of possible foreign intervention if the government attacks civilians again.

Makawandiwa was speaking to his congregants in a sermon today.

Said Makandiwa:

If this happens for the third time, it will not be good. We don’t want anything that will provoke the bees (military) from outside. It won’t be our army against civilians. This time they will get an equal opponent, and it is going to be army against army. We don’t want that to happen because where we are now, there’s still a chance.

Makandiwa is one of the emergent leaders of Pentecostal churches that have grown in Zimbabwe over the past two decades. The others being Uerbert  Angel, Passion Java, Walter Magaya and T Freddy.

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