Mnangagwa Remembers Tsvangirai, And Citizens’ Reactions

President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Thursday remembered with the rest of the nation the passing away of MDC founding president Morgan Tsvangirai.

Tsvangirai passed away on February 14 2018, exactly a year ago today. He passed away in a South African hospital where he was being treated for cancer.

Writing on social media on Thursday afternoon, Mnangagwa said:

One year after Morgan Tsvangirai left us, we remember his patriotism as well as his lifelong commitment to Zimbabwean unity and democracy. Now, more than ever, we need to work together as we build our new Zimbabwe.

However, the President’s message did not go down well with some of his Twitter followers. Below is a sample of some reactions to Mnangagwa’s message:

Replying to 

Aahhhh. When he was alive you tormented him. You prosecuted him. You charged him with treason. You beat him. You did all inhumane things to him. This guy was Speaker of Parliament when they haunted Bennet for being white & MDC. You are the worst thing to befall us!

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Mmm dai Dambudzo wanyarara zvako, please keep quiet. ZANUPF is full of Evil spirits.

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Mnangagwa is incapable of uttering these “wise words” whoever is behind this twitter handle is doing him a disservice.

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I wish you had the same heart that Tsvangirai had, but you are not near our hero. You are totally the opposite of what Tsvangirai fought for.

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For you to talk about him shows us that created a good name for himself, whilst you still alive. Create a good name for yourself, zvekutipfura nemasoja enyu will never give you that respect. Tati tionesane, ndava tichafa tose one day.. Ndatenda hangu.

Replying to 

Morgan. One of the few people who stood for the truth against powerful lies, kleptocracy and corruption when it was not fashionable ! He is up there with☝ all the good men of this country.. Zanu Pf people, including you tata, shouldn’t take a leaf from him but the whole tree.

Replying to 

Makuda kumuita gamba afa asi ari mupenyu zvainge zvakaoma kuti asununguke musadaro you once address kuti you where the champion pakurambira kuti aende ku state house madyiwa ukashevedzera rerun.

Replying to 

The man you are talking of is indeed an Icon, a champion of Democracy, we will enter him in the history books of this country for good reasons, unlike you, you continue exhibiting traits of disloyalty to this Majestic nation, little probity in executing your duties, shame!



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