Mnangagwa Ally, Mukupe Claims That Anti-ED ZANU PF Officials Threatened To Kill Him Like Solomon Mujuru – Report

The former Deputy Minister for Finance, Terence Mukupe has claimed that he received hair-raising threats from powerful people in government who wanted to impeach President Emmerson Mnangagwa when he was touring Eurasia early in January.

According to a report, Mukupe revealed that he was to be killed the way the late retired army commander Solomon Mujuru was ‘killed’ on his Beatrice farm. In remarks captured on video, Mukupe seemed to suggest that ZANU PF youths who were injured during the January skirmishes were involved in looting. Mukupe reportedly said:

They say, ‘down with the youths, the youths are looters’, without even coming to see and to talk to them. If you’re told that your children were beaten and were injured, why fail to see them and to hear for yourself what happened?

To me, the injured youths are heroes. When I said this openly, I started receiving threatening messages that I should toe the line and support someone whose name was given, as there were plans to move a vote of no confidence against Mnangagwa.

I was warned that if I did not support this, they would do to me what they did to Mujuru… If they want to burn me to death, they can come…

In January, a few days after the riots which were to shake the whole country started, Mukupe wrote on Twitter:

I’m worried about what’s going on. The citizens are blind to what’s really going on. The next 72hrs is going to be crucial regarding the path we are going to take as a nation. Chokwadi chichabuda (the truth will come out). President Mnangagwa is not the issue. Viva Zimbabwe.




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