Families Now Having One Meal A Day As Prices Of Basic Goods Escalate

According to a report by Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET), the poor household in Zimbabwe are now having only one meal a day due to escalating prices of basic commodities.

The poor start to the 2018/19 rainfall season has made matters worse as rural households had their food security negatively impacted. The report reads in part:

Some households are only consuming one meal a day and this is being supplemented with wild and other less preferred foods.

The national prevalence of acute malnutrition is expected to remain low, below 5% though it is expected to increase from the current levels.

The increase is likely to be influenced by increasing economic challenges, limited livelihood options and below average incomes which will affect households’ ability to access food and non-food needs.

Hence the level of acute malnutrition is likely to worsen due to the deteriorating food access situation.

The economic situation prompted citizens to take to the streets in mid-January, with the government responding by deploying troops into the suburbs. A reported 17 people were killed during the protests.

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