WATCH: Zimbabwean Student Stabbed To Death In Algeria In Xenophobic Attack

A Zimbabwean student in Algeria is said to have been murdered by Algerians on Tuesday evening in an apparent xenophobic attack.

The student has been identified as 22-year old Prosper Ndudzo, who was studying for an Electro-mechanics degree on a scholarship at the Badji Mokhtar University (also known as the University of Annaba) on the north-eastern coast of Algeria.

Ndudzo was killed in a knife attack, prompting fellow students to protest against the gruesome murder.

Students from sub-Saharan Africa now fear for their safety.

Below is a video in which the late student’s friend who was an eyewitness of the murder recounts what happened.

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9 comments on “WATCH: Zimbabwean Student Stabbed To Death In Algeria In Xenophobic Attack

  1. I am an Algerian citizen and I am very sad at this tragic news and ashamed that this student was murdered by thugs. Sadly, incidents like these are becoming a daily occurence in Algeria – we offer our sincere condolences to his family, friends and also to the people of Zimbabwe. As for racists – well, thugs do not select their prey on colour, etc….they are thugs and their motives are usually money / gain. We condemn these people whatever their motives were. A sad day for us and our prayers to his family.

  2. Prosper was killed by a thug who was attempting to steal his mobile phone. Nothing to do with xenophobia. His friend who witnessed the seen says it very clearly.

  3. I present you my sincere condoleances. I am young Algerian and I am very sad and very angry at the same time.
    Abusers, for a phone, do not distinguish between white, Arabic or black.

  4. why then is this articles title written ” xenophobic attack ” when all evidence is showing us of a mugging ?
    please reporters get your facts right before reporting en mass , RIP prosper – this is sad .

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