Mnangagwa Snubbed Prayer Meeting To Spite Chamisa – Deputy Information Minister

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s right-hand man, Energy Mutodi on Thursday said that the reason why his principal did not attend a prayer meeting organised by church leaders was that MDC leader Nelson Chamisa had snubbed Mnangagwa’s invitation to State the previous day.

On Wednesday Mnangagwa met with most of the presidential candidates in the 2018 election though Chamisa and Joyce Mujuru did not attend. Mutodi, who is the Deputy Minister for Information said:

How can the President come when Chamisa also did not come to State House for the brainstorming of the negotiations?

We cannot always be the ones to come to the negotiation table when others do not. We cannot always come to the negotiation table on the terms and dictates of other people.

We have set up the platform for negotiation. We have called all political parties to State House. The State House belongs to the government. So everyone was supposed to come.

… We do not need that dialogue. We had not called for that dialogue in the first place.

The opposition MDC is the one that has been petitioning the President to call all political parties and itself for dialogue and this is the call that the president has now replied.

Now if the President then responds to that call and you absent yourself from the negotiations, what do you want him to do?




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5 comments on “Mnangagwa Snubbed Prayer Meeting To Spite Chamisa – Deputy Information Minister

  1. When dealing with journalist you need to be careful, these guys will put words in your mouth, thus why most prominent people don`t want to be interviewed.

  2. Why does ED need a political party meeting before the AU summit… I thought all African heads of state were blaming sanctions for Zimbabwe’s problems???

  3. How childish! You didn’t come to my party so I won’t come to yours? These are not proper leaders and definitely not Christian unless Christianit includes dabbling with dark powers all of a sudden??? They are playing with God. What will the incumbent pray about??? How to allow more deaths, rapes and abuses to continue upon those he ought to care about? Will he pray about how his family will return stolen property belonging to the people of Zimbabwe such as the piles of US dollars his son was showing off in a private plane. Or the wife playing mother Christmas giving people what already belongs to the people but was dishonestly appropriated by the incumbent’s wife as we are still in the dark about her source of income to be so magnanimous. Lest we forget that the natural resources of Zimbabwe are for the whole of the Zimbabwean people and not for a few greedy lot!!!

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