Chigowe Satisfied With Dynamos’ Preparations For The 2019 Season

Dynamos FC coach Lloyd Chigowe has expressed satisfaction with his team’s preparations for the 2019 season which kicks off in March. Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Chigowe said:

We are nearly done with our preparations, and we have an established squad of players and within two months, we will have horned our team tactics.

Things are going on well and Dynamos are looking healthy.

Chigowe’s confidence belies the fact that Dynamos has experienced a player exodus during the past few weeks.

The club is only left with a handful of senior players from last season’s squad namely goalkeeper Simba Chinani, Jimmy Tigere, Godfrey Mukambi, Kudzanai Dhemere and Tawanda Macheke.




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One Comment on “Chigowe Satisfied With Dynamos’ Preparations For The 2019 Season

  1. Thank you for the rebuilding exercise being done at Dynamos. We will certainly do it this year. We are fully behind the technical team. May the management do their work professionally so that the support Base is kept firm. Players are the key to our success. Thank you for a better year 2019 in which we anticipate better football as we honour George Shaya at Rufaro stadium. Go!Dembare Go!

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