Chamisa Risks Losing The “Talks” Bus By Insisting On Pre-conditions For Dialogue – Mnangagwa

In an interview with the Daily News on Thursday, presidential spokesperson George Charamba said that MDC leader Nelson Chamisa risks missing the “talks” bus altogether if continues with his behaviour.

This comes after Chamisa ignored Mnangagwa’s call for all losing presidential candidates in the July 2018 polls to meet for dialogue at State House on Wednesday. Said Charamba:

(Chamisa) risked missing the bus altogether if he insisted on pre-conditions that have either been met or are beyond the Executive.

As far as we are concerned, the question to us is, firstly, was that decision taken by Chamisa thoughtful and secondly whether it was independent?

I would say it was thoughtless, the dialogue will proceed with or without him, except we don’t shut doors, we don’t shut windows, whenever he feels he wants to join, he will still be welcome, except he cannot hold the nation to ransom because he is not the summation of the nation.

If he is having difficulties with his external constituency, which as of yesterday (Wednesday) had not given him the nod to participate, that is a matter for him and his donors to deal with. He should never globalise his predicament because the economy has to move on.


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3 comments on “Chamisa Risks Losing The “Talks” Bus By Insisting On Pre-conditions For Dialogue – Mnangagwa

  1. uyu ndewekutaura chete kwaimbonzi haiite dialogue heee chino musaise mashoko mumuromo ma president heeeee njani iyezvino heeed bus kudiii. itayi asipo moda kudzokorora 2009 blunder hakuna iyoyo. Itayi nevakaruza chaivo chaivo

  2. Maybe Chamisa is not going where this so called “Bus” is going. Secondly if Chamisa is not that necessary why not close the door or windows as they call them. Lastly if one party give preconditions Chamisa can do the same. Very lastly why Not just leave Chamisa alone if he is not that important. Very very very lastly Chamisa if he knows diplomacy he must never participate in the activities for the betterment of the conditions of his opponent, Never. Then we sit it out and see who squeals First.

  3. I think it’s interesting that ED feels it’s necessary to call a political party gathering before the AU summit… haven’t the African heads of state decided to blame sanctions for Zimbabwe’s problems?!!

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