Khupe And Madhuku’s Comments After Mnangagwa Meeting

MDC-T leader Ms Thokozani Khupe said politicians must take pride in coming together regardless of their political beliefs.

She said this after attending a meeting presided by President Mnangagwa to discuss the framework for dialogue and interaction. Said Khupe:

We must pride ourselves as a country because of the fact that we have managed to come together as opposition parties and the ruling party to chart the way forward in regards to our country and our economy. We are saying we must put our differences aside as political parties and come together so that we talk about moving our country forward. We want a better life for every Zimbabwean. The people of Zimbabwe want food on their tables, they want jobs, they want houses and they want good health and education. We agreed as political parties that we are going dialogue as political parties around these issues so that we find permanent solutions to the problems bedevilling our country.

National Constitutional Assembly leader Professor Lovemore Madhuku said opposition parties have a contribution to make in issues of governance. Said Madhuku:

The purpose of today’s meeting was really to find each other. We are Zimbabweans and as Zimbabweans there can be no harm in meeting from time to time discussing issues we face as a country. The most important issue is to raise the standard of living of our people. As opposition political parties we have a contribution to make as Government has also a contribution to make.

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14 comments on “Khupe And Madhuku’s Comments After Mnangagwa Meeting

  1. Nelson Chamisa must not join these bandwagons let them rule since they stole our vote.Economics is not politics where people can steal an election declare themselves leaders.Economics cant be rigged.

  2. Where are your principles… The is overwhelming evidence that this was not a free and far election…. Now there’s war in the streets… Women have been raped… When has ZANU ever listen to anyone in 38 years of independence… Please for the sake of your dignaty… Draw the line

  3. Can we be serious about Khupe and Madhuku, those are sell outs who want money, not the people. How can a disputed president convene a successful dialogue, no one to guarantee that what has been agreed on will be implemented. Mnangagwa is just good at talking, action zero, ever since he said Zimbabwe is open for business, he has done nothing to open Zimbabwe for Business; The 2013 constitution is not being implemented, repressive laws are still place, ZBC is still the most boring channel with partisan lies on its news, shame. I personally do not take this Junta seriously, they think they can fool Zimbos, real dialogue hasn’t started.

  4. These are laughable and meaningless comments that have no relevance to what is happening in the country. They confirm to the Zimbabwean people who these guys are and the people will react to these shameless insults from people claiming to be in the opposition while dining and wining with the murderers, looters and armed rapists.

  5. Khupe akafa hapana anombosura musodzi. Now I understand why ED killed all those Ndebele in the 80s Aida kuti vaite Stockholm syndrome saKhupe. Vese vakaenda kuMeeting are not even relevant in anyway possible

    1. Are you for Zimbabwe or for Shonas? Hatred of Ndebeles is same as Evil. How can you hate a fellow country men of your same make because of language? Please desist from tribalism. This country will remain divided because of people like you. Why then do you live in Africa if you want your tribe to be the only one? There is nothing special about a tribe, but as Africans we have the same skin color, and we should not be divided by our tongue. SHAME ON YOU!

  6. It’s laughable how Khupe and Madhuku talk about issues .They Don represent even anything in Zimbabwe bt only their families ..They want to earn a living for their families nothing more ..It’s a shit assumption to deserve millions in this way.Only meaningful talks will happen wen this ego from the old madala goes

  7. Go ahead and contribute representing yourselves of course!!! Because you did not get more that 100 votes combined. So we see that you have decided to join the gravvy train. You are now ruling party members, period (if you have not been all this time).
    Now let us see the results of your meetings!!! I guess its just like you met Masabhuku. Now honestly……….don’t you think you are behaving like lunatics!!

  8. Khupe is another South African woman who is trying to rule over Zimbabweans. She is a woman whose mother came with her when the step father married her mother. Her motivations for Zimbabwe can never be for the love of the people but from the arrogant perspective that she as a South African has a superior position somehow. Another Grace looking to fill her pockets hence she would be willing for any opportunity to advance her greedy self. Including compromising with the devil.

  9. Well yu attended the meeting and met all those who matter.Now we want you to tell us what that meeting achieved given the fact that the main objective of the meeting was to chart or draft a framework for national dialogue.Zimbos want to know if the meeting was fruitful,something that will give us hope.Nomore reminnding us us about the importance of meeting as opposing parties,we want to know the agenda and what was achieved

  10. Unbelievable! Will they ever have discipline and responsibility to pay their debts, stop filling their own pockets, stop traveling the world for no constructive reasons?

  11. Bunch of sabhukus ana Khupe ,Madhuku ,Mteki et al,who they represent ?all they did was to reaffirm widely held view they Zanu PF proxies

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