Full Text: Mnangagwa’s Enemies Are People In Zanu PF And Govt Who Do Not Tell Him The Truth- Noah Manyika

Build Zimbabwe Alliance leader Noah Manyika has said President Mnangagwa’s enemies are the ones in Government and Zanu PF who do not tell him the truth.

Manyika also said some United States based investors have decided it is risky to invest in Zimbabwe because of reports of violent mobs disrupting legitimate mining activities. He also said Mnangagwa must set the conditions for dialogue. Read Manyika’s full statement below:

In addition to handing Mr. Mnangagwa a letter outlining conditions that need to be met before meaningful and substantive dialogue can take place, I made him aware that I had just returned from an overseas trip on the 5th of February (a day before the meeting at State House) where nearly a dozen investors who had been thinking of investing in our country in spite of sanctions, had now decided it was too risky to do so

I am from the Midlands where rumors abound that violent mobs disrupting legitimate mining activities at places like Gaika Mine owned by Canadian investors are part of the gangs serving the president, and that they process the gold they mine illegally at properties owned by him.

The president can end these rumors and change people’s perceptions that he is ruthless and The Godfather of violent mining gangs in the Midlands by ensuring that the Court rulings interdicting illegal mining are fully and urgently enforced. The idea that the army and police can’t, despite earlier reports, enforce a lawful order at one mine but can shut down an entire country only reinforces the impression that these illegal miners have the support of powerful men in government, and that no investment is safe.

I also told Mr. Mnangagwa, that his enemies (Mhandu) are people in his party and government who don’t tell him the truth and that some of them are the worst cyberbullies in our country.

It is in Mr. Mnangagwa’s power to create the best conditions not only for dialogue, but to ensure that even while we are sorting out this mess, investors can begin to have the confidence that we are indeed open for business.

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Noah ManyikaBuild Zimbabwe Alliance

Noah Manyika is a Zimbabwean politician and cleric based in the United States of America. He is the current leader of the political party Build Zimbabwe Alliance and a Senior Pastor of NeXus Church and president and founder of NeXus Ministries. Read More About Noah Manyika

The Build Zimbabwe Alliance is Zimbabwean political party that was registered in October 2016. The party is led by Dr. Noah Manyika. The party was formed ahead of the harmonised 2018 elections. Read More About Build Zimbabwe Alliance

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One Comment on “Full Text: Mnangagwa’s Enemies Are People In Zanu PF And Govt Who Do Not Tell Him The Truth- Noah Manyika

  1. Thank you Dr Noah Manyika for telling our Presedent and the rest of Zimbabweans who listened to your interview the truth. This business of giving each other a fake smile has stop if we want our country to prosper. Its clear that Mr President’s peer has a big roll that they are playing for the downfall of this country. Its sad because the President himself does not see that way as he has trust on these people. Therefore Mr Mnangagwa, yes you are trying your best for this country but, until you get rid of all the “snake in the grass’ who are pulling you down, you are not going anywhere.

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