Chamisa Says He’s Ready To Meet Mnangagwa As President Of ZANU PF, Not Of Zimbabwe

MDC Alliance candidate in the 2018 harmonised election, Nelson Chamisa said that he is ready to meet with President Emmerson Mnangagwa for dialogue at any time but as an equal. Chamisa insisted he won the 2018 presidential election with 2,6 million votes even though the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) gave him a lesser figure.

He added that the dispute in Zimbabwe is between him and Mnangagwa since the other 21 presidential candidates did not contest the presidential result. Said Chamisa:

I’m ready to meet President Mnangagwa. I say President not because our dispute is resolved, but he’s President of his party and I’m President of mine.

It should not be difficult for me and Mnangagwa to talk … Any minute longer is time wasted. I would love to meet here and in any room. The fundamental problem is we need peace and unity.

Mnangagwa and I need to meet. As it is, my legislators can’t sleep and my people have been brutalised.

This country is very important. If we are to dialogue, the church is appropriate to lead this dialogue.

Meanwhile, Mnangagwa’s close ally and Deputy Minister for Information Energy Mutodi claimed that the reason why Mnangagwa did not show up for the prayer meeting was that Chamisa did not show up at State House yesterday.

Mnangagwa was represented by the ZANU PF national chairperson who is also Minister of Defence, Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri at the prayer meeting.



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2 comments on “Chamisa Says He’s Ready To Meet Mnangagwa As President Of ZANU PF, Not Of Zimbabwe

  1. Kugona kutaura handiko kuitabba wanhu washe.taneta nema promise ake hapana chinobuda.Ed achamutonga chete musingadi muchida.

  2. EDMunagwa is indeed the president of Zimbabwe. That does not need you chamisa’s approval because we Zimbabweans voted him to that position. And we will keep him there for his full terms. Your support base is ndwindling by the day as people are realising you don’t care about Zimbabwe. Please stop disturbing ED, without you throwing spanners in his way we would be much better now. If ED fails it won’t be because he can’t, but because of you. You have not given ED any chance from day 1, and we can all see that.

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