United Kingdom No Longer Supporting Mnangagwa’s Application To Rejoin Commonwealth Due To Human Rights Abuses

United Kingdom’s Minister of State for Africa at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Harriet Baldwin said her country will not be able to support Zimbabwe’s application to be readmitted into the Commonwealth.

She said this when she appeared before the British Parliament’s International Development Committee. Said Baldwin:

Zimbabwe has written a letter to the common wealth secretary as with many other countries,   I would to say that the UK is one of the members of the common wealth, clearly, it has to be a unanimous decision by 53 members but as of today the UK will not be able to support that application because we don’t believe that the kind of human rights violations that we have seen from security forces in Zimbabwe is  the kind of behavior that we would like to see from members of the common wealth.

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  1. Rosah Chikowore Reply

    these people must not just take decisions after receiving false information , they must come on the ground and see what really transpired for things to become to that state they are right now.

  2. Donal Mac Cormaic Reply

    No surprise tbh. However the decision to rejoin the Commonwealth does not lie with Britain but with the Commonwealth as a whole. No doubt Britain will not be alone in it’s view so the plans to rejoin the Commonwealth are dead at present. The Zimbabwe Government is at fault for this due to the human rights atrocities the security forces have committed, and are still committing in Zimbabwe.

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