Sanctions Must Be Removed So That Zimbabwe’s Govt Has No Excuse For Mishandling Economy- Stephen Chan

Renowned international academic Stephen Chan says more sanctions against Zimbabwe will not force the Southern African country to reform.

Chan said he advised the British Parliament that sanctions against Zimbabwe must be removed because they are used as an excuse by the Zanu-PF Government. Chan is one of the individuals that appeared before the British Parliament’s committee on International Development. Speaking on Twitter Chan said:

Yesterday I disagreed in Parliament with the UK Minister for Africa on increased sanctions. I wanted all sanctions to be lifted. They are used as an excuse for the Zimbabwe Government’s mishandling of the economy.


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Zimbabwe African National Union - Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) is a liberation war movement/party that has been ruling Zimbabwe since the country attained its independence in 1980. The party's main agenda was to liberate the country from the bondage of settler regime led by Ian... Read More About Zanu-PF

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One Comment on “Sanctions Must Be Removed So That Zimbabwe’s Govt Has No Excuse For Mishandling Economy- Stephen Chan

  1. The question is whether the sanctions were put in place in the first place. It is ridiculous to suggest sanctions placed for human right abuses be lifted for economic reasons. You don’t award criminality. Draconian, anachists should not be assisted in any money. What guarantees are there that aid towards Zimbabwe managed by these selfish uncaring individuals in power would reach the people? Mr Chan seems to have ulterior motives such as the lifting of sanctions allowing a total Chinese takeover and free access to neo-colonialists. Lest we forget, the price for independence. Do not be beguiled by serpents and dragons!! Wolves in sheepskins.

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