Chamisa Rejects Mnangagwa Offer For Dialogue, Demands End To Harassment Of MDC Officials

MDC president Nelson Chamisa has rejected an invitation made by President Emmerson Mnangagwa for all presidential candidates in the 2018 election to meet at his Munhumutapa offices on Wednesday.

Chamisa, who narrowly lost to Mnangagwa in the election, will not be attending the indaba according to party spokesperson Jacob Mafume. Said Mafume:

It’s a rally. He wants dialogue in a room that will have over a hundred people, most of them his proxies.

Our supporters have been arbitrarily detained on trumped-up charges and the MDC is essentially banned as a political organisation. They (the government) are using the emergency rules. Some of our MPs and officials have been released by the courts and immediately re-arrested at the prison gate, some beaten to die later.

We must create an environment for talking. Half of the party’s leadership is in hiding. The army is in every suburb; the army is out of the barracks. Under those conditions, you can’t just summon people. There’s no arbiter – you’re the chairman when you’re the main protagonist; the one killing, the one arresting people.

MDC’s organising secretary who is also MP for Mkoba constituency is among the party officials who have been re-arrested soon after their release.

A significant number of MDC MPs are in hiding, with Kuwadzana East MP Charlton Hwende in Namibia, where he has sought for protection from the country’s police as he fears abduction and rendition to Zimbabwe.



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10 comments on “Chamisa Rejects Mnangagwa Offer For Dialogue, Demands End To Harassment Of MDC Officials

  1. chamisa i here you my man but go to ED and tell him that this is my conditions for AB and C but if you start this mumble and rumble on the social media it will look like its all about you not Zimbabwe .Go to the meeting and tell us after that we spoke to ED that for us to continue with talks we have to free these people and you have to send masoja kumabhraki. Tell ED face to face man to man unomukwatirei go there and represent people of zimbabwe with boldness

  2. Tofara, on the contrary brother. dambudzo cannot summon people to ‘his office’. First of all there is a big issue surrounding his legitimacy, so he is in no position to be calling the shots, because the others do not recognise him.

    There is need for a neutral convener and venue, and the dialogue should be on conditions. He cannot pretend that all is well and try to hoodwink the world as the legitimate leader of zimbabwe, and a champion of democracy, meanwhile he is busy abusing the state security system to fight political opponents and civilians.

    Watch short documentary here:
    Soldiers went around the cities terrorizing, maiming, torturing, killing raping you name it. Some were abducted in the middle of the night and the crackdown..still continues!

    Call Chamisa what you may, but he is a hero! A liberation struggle hero. ZTV and partisan radio stations continue to vilify the opposition daily, arrests are the order of the day, command justice in courts…

    Since November 2017…. (in-fact as far back as 2008) Zimbabwe became a militarized state and this is not healthy… you cannot preach democracy whilst you are running a tyrannical state!
    Dambudzo should walk the talk… since toppling Mugabe, he has been all talk…. remember the declaration of assets, the externalization list, the free and fair election talk and a whole host of lies.

    Now the world has realised he is a lie and does not want anything to do with him. All those expensive trips to overseas gathering…. no investors are coming. They might indicate ‘interest’ because thats all they can do, be nice to you (since you flew all the way). But they know Zimbabwe is NOT open for business…. its not conducive for investments. Investments will varnish soon as you inject them into Zim.

    A government that labels its protesting citizens hooligans, terrorists, what-have-you and sends the citizens army to shoot, maim, kidnap, torture, rape, crackdown all alike. Old women were beaten, girls and women raped, young man beaten, arrested, others kidnapped, some taken to barracks before handing over to police.

    Cry Zimbabwe Cry. Africa needs liberation from these oppressors.


    The army and police are supposed to protect their citizens, not be the abusers of citizens, release political prisoners, demilitarise the state, stop opposition crackdowns, its just lame politics…

    In this century, we need switched on leaders and not barbaric people with power. Dambudzo missed a good opportunity to clean his name and redeem himself. The world had bought the false narrative that Mugabe had been Zimbabwe’s problem…. and were willing to give him a fresh start. He missed it dismally…. why, he couldn’t do away with his nature… his default settings kicked in and its been roll-coaster fall ever since!

  3. Kana kuudza benzi kuti huya titaure haabvume asi muchaita hunhu zvenyu nokuti chamucha Ronga chobuda hapana pasina Baba Chamisa munowacha chete

  4. Well said Haru Mutasa .you can’t convene.a meeting at your place and also be a mediator. Any way if Nelson Chamisa attends I’m sure he won’t go back to his house he will be arrested by the same convener and mediator

  5. Once beaten twice shy. MDCA should not be hoodwinked into another GNU to save the junta regime as what happened to Mugabe in 2008. The heat is on for Munangagwa. He should address the conditions put forward if he truly wants a dialogue.

    1. Kutadza kuenda kwadeedzwa ndokutaridza kuti wakadyiwa haana kugona kutaura nemuromo chete pasina action habatsiriba

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