Bond Note Is The Strongest Currency In SADC Region- Eddie Cross

Speaking to the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) on Monday, Eddie Cross said the bond note is the strongest currency in the SADC region.

Cross said the rate of the bond note shows the underlying strength of the Zimbabwean economy. Said Cross:

The underlying economy actually is fine, it’s growing, exports are growing and the fundamentals are strong and this was reflected by the fact that by Christmas the rate to the RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) dollar had come down to 2,83.Now at 2,83 everybody has got to understand that the bond note is the strongest currency in the SADC region, because it is a currency, and this indicates the underlying strength of the Zimbabwe economy despite the problems.

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RTGSEddie Cross

Real-time Gross Settlement (RTGS) is a fund transfer system where the transfer of money takes place from one bank to any other bank on a "real time" and on a gross basis. Settlement in "real time" means a payment transaction is not subjected to any... Read More About RTGS

Edward Graham Cross (born 1940) is a prominent Zimbabwean economist and politician. He is the current member of parliament for Bulawayo South. He is also a founding member of the Morgan Tsvangirai led Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T). Read More About Eddie Cross

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  1. Nick Carter Reply

    I’ve always considered Eddie Cross a liar and a simpleton, now he’s confirmed it. Only the village idiot will believe the Zimbabwe Bond note has any value what so ever. Take it to any bank outside of Zimbabwe to find that is true. The only reasons Zimbabwe banks accept this pseudo currency is if they refuse it the banker refusing it and the directors go to jail. Nguva iri kuuya kuzopukuta shit kubva pameso ako!

  2. Thembakamtshalwane Reply

    I used to enjoy reading articles by Eddie Cross back in the eighties. But now he really scares me. I’m so afraid of being old because I can’t believe the things he’s been writing in his old age. I’m afraid that age reduces an intelligent man to a fool and I hope that this doesn’t happen to me and those I know..

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