Chamisa Denies “Varakashi” Claim That He’s Having Extra-marital Affair

MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa refuted allegations that he was having an extra-marital affair with a Harare woman.

A ZANU PF spin doctor, whose Facebook name is Jones Musara attached a photo on his Facebook page showing Chamisa with a young woman. Musara castigated Chamisa for being  “fixated on (extra-marital affairs) instead of nation-building”. Musara wrote:

Latest V11 showing that Chamisa is fixated on stonyeni instead of nation building hence he is not Presidential material: Nude video of kanjiva kake!

In response to the allegations Chamisa wrote:

Please be truthful. This photo was actually taken at some restaurant on Saturday last week where I was having lunch with the legend Thomas Mapfumo. I also had the pleasure of meeting the young musician Enzo of the Kanjiva fame for the first time.

I don’t expect such embarrassing lies. I don’t even know that girl whom you, unfortunately, seek to diminish in standing. I’m not that filthy! Ngativake Zimbabwe nerudo kwete kuiputsa neruvengo!

I don’t even know the girl personally. Would it be fair to turn away a fellow Zimbabwean who request just a selfie? Kuti takosheiko? Only weak people invest in inventing weak lies and low propaganda.

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Jones MusaraNelson Chamisa

Jones Musara who is a hotel manager, politician, political commentator, activist and a member of Zimbabwe African National Union - Patriotic Front. Read More About Jones Musara

Nelson Chamisa is a Zimbabwean politician for memmber of parliament for Kuwadzana , former Minister of Information and Technology , former Vice president of the MDC-T and currently the President of the MDC-T and leader of the MDC Alliance. Chamisa staged an inauguration at the... Read More About Nelson Chamisa

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  1. Ray Mbada Reply

    Ukatamba nepwere unenge uri pwerewo saka there is no need to cry foul especial this paper with its cheap politics.

  2. Dopori Reply

    This should’t bother you NC. This is the work of youknowwho…They even deceive us by giving an authentic facebook name; just ignore them. I was also there at the same restaurant in question on the same day (that Saturday that Tuku’s body was taken to the NSS before its final journey to Madziwa in the evening) and remember you and Mukanya stopping by our table to greet me and my grandson even though I have never the two of you. Anyone could also have taken a photo of the two of you and us and splash it on facebook and who would bother about that?

  3. godfrey chikowore Reply

    Which way are you pointing your finger start by directing it towards yourself..the Anti Chamisa Conspiracy Miserable theoretics.

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