Zimbabwe Is Running Out Of Bread

The National Bakers’ Association of Zimbabwe has said that the government needs to intervene with foreign currency allocations for its sector before the country runs out of bread.

There’s a current shortage of bread on the market, which the association has said is due to the lack of foreign currency to import wheat to make flour.

Said Ngoni Mazango, the association’s president:

Our stakeholders are saying they don’t have money to pay for wheat. We hope that they will address the issue as soon as possible before we run out of bread completely

Mazango said they had been able to get adequate forex allocations since December:

The Government has promised us an intervention on foreign currency which we require as bakers which was going to account for 80 percent of our forex requirements but in the month of November we only received 30 percent of the 80 percent. In December we received 27 percent of the 80 percent and this January we received 9 percent. We are grateful for the gesture, but it is not enough,

More: The Herald

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