Jonathan Moyo Rebukes Zimpapers Senior Editor For ‘Blaming Victims’ Of Military Crackdown

Zimpapers senior editor Caesar Zvayi said that the soldier beating women in a video that went viral yesterday is actually not a soldier. The video which circulated widely yesterday, shows a soldier assaulting three women with a huge stick. It also shows two men being made to crawl on the ground on all fours to someplace. Said Zvayi:

This is barbaric. I suspect Selous Scout tactics. I do not believe these are real soldiers. Putting on military fatigues does not make one a soldier. The ZDF should get to the bottom of this! Whoever these guys are, the law must take its course.

Zvayi’s comments, however, didn’t go unchallenged. Former Minister for Higher and Tertiary Education Jonathan Moyo said that Zvayi should be careful not to blame the victims of violence. Said Moyo:

Careful. Selous Scouts were Rhodesian security agents running pseudo-operations to commit atrocities & blame them on liberation forces. has lied that AWOL & retired officers stole Army uniforms, trucks, helicopters to commit crimes. Are you in the operation to blame victims?

The government has rejected that men moving around in military fatigues and assaulting members of the public are soldiers. The government blames army deserters and thieves who stole military uniforms for being responsible for the orgy of violence against civilians.


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RhodesiaSelous ScoutsCaesar Zvayi

Rhodesia was a British colony established in Southern Africa which was established in the early 1890s. The colony was christened after Cecil Rhodes who was the founder of the British South Africa Company (BSAC) which effected the colonisation of the Shona and Ndebele communities of... Read More About Rhodesia

Selous Scouts were a special forces regiment in the Rhodesian Security Forces which is know to have committed various atrocities against innocent Rhodesian African civilians in Rhodesia and the neighbouring countries..The regiment was named British explorer Frederick Courteney Selous (1851–1917). Its motto was Pamwe Chete... Read More About Selous Scouts

Caesar Zvayi is a journalist employed at The Herald which is a flagship of Zimpapers the printing and publishing section. He was the editor of The Herald from October 2013 until he was removed from the position in December 2018, becoming the group's editor at... Read More About Caesar Zvayi


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