Full Text: South Africa’s Department of Health Denies Chiwenga Is Admitted At Cape Town Hospital

The Department of Health is aware that a group of Zimbabwean citizens have gathered at Groote Schuur Hospital to protest against the alleged treatment of the Zimbabwean Vice President, Mr Constantino Chiwenga. at our health facility.

In honour of our commitment to patient confidentiality, we cannot discuss patient details. however, we can confirm that he was not or currently is a patient at the hospital. While we understand the concern of the Zimbabwean community, we need to balance this with the rights of other patients to receive care.

We urge the community to direct their requests to the Zimbabwean authorities and to respect our hospital premises as a healing environment for patients. Health staff should be given the space to continue uninterrupted with their patient care.

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  1. Observer Reply

    These guys are so selfish, why don’t they bring our hospitals to the standards they follow abroad? Is it not an unnecessary cost to the tax payer? Mnangagwa was comfortable hiring planes for his trip and that of the former president when the rest of the people are left to attend ill equipped hospitals. Wouldn’t that money go a long way if they had the right priorities? Who is supposed to fix our hospitals?? Is it not the government? When we voice these things they set the army and police on us, so sad. I wonder what the people who still support them think about such issues. How they were brainwashed boggles the mind.

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