Comedian’s Chiwenga Hospital Visit Causes Social Media Stir

The comedian pastor on Sunday ignited an internet stir as pictures surfaced of him outside at a Cape Town hospital, Groote Schuur Hospital where the Vice President Constantino Chiwenga is said to be admitted.

The comic pastor who was in the company of a friend and wearing a ZANU PF scarf, however, did not enter the hospital but posed for photos outside.

Chiwenga was on Friday airlifted to South Africa where he is being treated for an undisclosed illness. The government has remained tight-lipped regarding his health.

Chiwenga became ill after the ZANU PF politburo meeting held at the ZANU PF headquarters in Harare on Wednesday. He was ferried to the Avenues Clinic where he was admitted for several hours before he was airlifted to Cape Town.

The Groote Schuur Hospital has a reputation for dealing with patients with cardiac problems and Chiwenga’s visit to the hospital has led to speculation that he has a heart-related complication.



The Avenues ClinicComic Pastor

The Avenues Clinic is a private hospital situated on the corner of Baines Avenue and Mazowe Street,Harare, Zimbabwe. Read More About The Avenues Clinic

Prosper Ngomashi is a Zimbabwean comedian and MC who shot to fame after his comedy shot video titled Shamhu went viral in Zimbabwe on WhatsApp and Facebook in 2015. Prosper had been performing for years at various venues in Harare but was not mainstream. After... Read More About Comic Pastor


  1. godfrey chikowore Reply

    Whatever the case we wish him a fast recovery. We all worship and living and loving God.

  2. Everisto Moyo Reply

    Many religions view this as Karma. A bad man cursed by white witchcraft because of his crimes against the people.
    My question is how was the Casevac paid for? If the Comrade had medical insurance that usually covers repatriation for the poorly individual. If the taxpayer was forced to cover the cost that is not right. How many drugs, medical necessities etc., could have been purchased for the same outlay thus helping many people.
    Why are the leaders so privileged? We used to think that the white politicians considered themselves elite. Our comrade ministers since 1980 have said that we are all equal.

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