Christopher Mutsvangwa Back In Office After Receiving Surgery

Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) chairperson Christopher Mutsvangwa says he is back to full fitness and is ready to lead the ex-liberation fighters.

Miutsvangwa said he received surgery but did not disclose what type of surgery he received or where. Said Mutsvangwa:

People have been taking advantage of the time I was away as I was receiving surgery. They need to know that I am now back and back in full force.

ZNLWVA secretary-general Victor Matemadanda dismissed reports he wanted to topple Mutsvangwa when he was away receiving treatment. Said Matemadanda:

Cde Mutsvangwa and I are comrades in arms. I am happy that he is now back in office and he is fully fit. When he was away receiving treatment, there were some people that attempted to put a wedge between us by suggesting that I want to topple him as chairperson. There is no truth to that because I have never harboured such intentions

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2 comments on “Christopher Mutsvangwa Back In Office After Receiving Surgery

  1. Where did comrade Chris get his treatment .it’s high time regional and international doctors stopped treating these people. They have destroyed the health institutions in the country and would not want to be treated in their own country because it has been run down. They must be refused treatment so that they can experience the hardships of the povo then they can also feel the pinch and will start fixing the health sector. There won’t be any doctors strike because the chefs will require quality service

  2. Zimbabwe government ministers are swapping turns to go to hospitals with different ailments. That indicates that they are no longer good in their jobs because of old aging. Please retire to give way to young generation to run the country smoothly. Thats why the country has a lot of complications as well. As we get older, we tend to do things in an old fashion way. FACT.

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