Watch: “Macheso Needs To Find Better Managers” , Thomas Mapfumo

Clarifying what he meant when he said last week that Oliver Mtukudzi and himself had achieved more than Alick Macheso in global fame, Thomas Mapfumo explained that Macheso makes great music but his managers are failing him. He explained that the managers need to work on marketing Macheso’s music to other people globally that are not just Zimbabweans.

Mapfumo said people had misunderstood his comment to mean that he thought Macheso’s music was not good. He cited examples of Zimbabwean musicians that had made a name for themselves globally that include Marshal Munhumumwe, Biggie Tembo and the Bhundu Boys.

Mapfumo also offered his apologies for the understood message.


Alick MachesoMarshall MunhumumweBiggie Tembo

Alick Macheso is one of Zimbabwe's top Sungura musicians of all time. He is an award winning guitarist, lyricist and dancer. Macheso rose to prominence in the early 1990s with his album 'Magariro' which carried the hit 'Pakutema munda' and 'Baba namai'. Read More About Alick Macheso

Marshall Munhumumwe was a Zimbabwean musician. He became popular with his song 'Mbereko Yakaramba' Read More About Marshall Munhumumwe

Biggie Tembo born Biggie Mhosva Marasha later baptised as Rodwell was born on 30 September 1958 in Chinhoyi and he committed suicide on 30 July 1995 was a musician-cum-pastor. He was the front man of the Bhundu Boys, its lead singer, song writer and he... Read More About Biggie Tembo

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