Gokwe Farmer Shoots, Kills Illegal Settler, Hacked To Death With Machetes In Revenge

A farmer in Chemagora village, Gokwe, was killed over a land dispute on Friday. The farmer reportedly shot and killed a member of a group of illegal settlers on his farm. The deceased farmer, identified as George Jongwe was killed in revenge by the illegal settlers.

The incident was confirmed by the Chemagora Small Scale Commercial Farmers’ Union chairperson in an interview with the Chronicle. He said:

He had won a High Court case for the illegal invaders to be evicted from his farm. The High Court order was enforced this week on Tuesday.

Evicted invaders then came back in the early hours of this morning (yesterday) and attacked him with machetes, axes. He reacted in self-defence and shot and killed one before he was himself overpowered and killed.

Invasions of our farms are organised and there are ringleaders and land barons who benefited financially by illegally settling people here.

Midlands Provincial Administrator, Mr Abiot Marongwe, confirmed the alleged murder of the farmer. He revealed that he had sent the DA, a Mr Gwatiringa to investigate and compile a report.

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