Watch: “We Were Better Off With Mugabe”, Mbare Vendors Say

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A street vendor who claims she voted for Zanu-PF in 2018, said that former President Robert Mugabe was better.


We want to be free, “open for business”. But there’s no business. Many bigs shops are closed. We can’t even become prostitutes because prostitution doesn’t pay much. I can’t prostitute yourself for 50 cents, what will I buy? Nothing! We want the president to tell us what to do. We want a marketplace [to use to sell our things ] for which we can pay at the City Council.

We also want them to give us back Mugabe. He was better. We were better off. I have spent 37 years in Zimbabwe under the Mugabe rule. I never needed to run from the police for vending. Tsunami (Murambatsvina) came but we continued selling. Murambatsvina would target illegal residential areas and not vendors. Kombis would keep moving. Last week there was no movement of public transport, we spent our days at home. What do they want us to do? How shall we survive in a country in which we voted and won?

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Operation Murambatsvina

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