DJ Stavo Blasts Local Celebrities For Posting Selfies At Mtukudzi’s Funeral

DJ and music producer DJ Stavo recently took to Twitter to criticise local celebrities who were posting selfies of them at Oliver Mtukudzi’s funeral saying this was immoral and disrespectful to the deceased’s family.

Stavo said he was disappointed with the celebrities’ behaviour at the funeral wake calling them immoral. Speaking on Twitter DJ Stavo said:

That’s why people say there are no celebrities in Zimbabwe. Very disappointed in those ‘popular’ individuals posting that they’re at the funeral instead of mourning. It appears it’s now just for the likes. “I” think it’s very disrespectful. Have we lost our morals? You don’t have to prove it to anyone that you were there. Let the media register that for you. Go to a funeral and show your respect to those that have lost a loved one and grieve or celebrate with them in private. Not for you to show the world. I think some people got me wrong. I never said do not celebrate or mourn the loss of a loved one. I’m simply saying it’s not right to take pictures of someone mourning or celebrating at a funeral and to post on social media to gain credit that you were there.

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Steven Sanders Dj Stavo is a popular Zimbabwean Dj, Afro-Jazz artist and music producer. He has a reputation for being able to entertain a diverse crowd in the clubs. Read More About Dj Stavo

Oliver Mtukudzi, also known as "Tuku" (short for Mtukudzi) was a singer-songwriter, actor, writer, film director and entrepreneur. With over 60 albums to his name, he was one of Zimbabwe's top musicians and lead of the band The Black Spirits. His music was mainly in... Read More About Oliver Mtukudzi

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