Chamisa Dismisses Mnangagwa’s Conditions For Dialogue

Addressing journalists in Harare, Nelson Chamisa dismissed President Mnangagwa’s condition for dialogue.

Senior Government officials have said Mnangagwa is willing to engage MDC president Nelson Chamisa on any issue except that of legitimacy. However Chamisa said legitimacy is a point of dialogue and the people have been having dialogue with Mnangagwa’s administration through violence. Said Chamisa:

I am not a liar, I will not acknowledge lies. I have said I will not recognise what is not recognisable. There has to be talks, we are ready to talk but we are going to talk about that issue (legitimacy) as a first issue, it is a dialoguing point. Let us agree on that issue, why are you putting conditionalities and why do you want Mr Chamisa to acknowledge you. If you allege that you won the election, why do you want the endorsement of an individual so please tell them to be serious. It is important for the nation to dialogue but I can tell you there has not been any dialogue. If anything, the dialogue that has been there between the citizens and the state is the dialogue of violence.

Chamisa said all stakeholders should participate in the dialogue. He accused Mnangagwa of not being committed to dialogue saying he has approached him to no avail. Despite Chamisa’s claim Mnangagwa is not committed to dialogue, he (Mnangagwa) announced that he was ready to dialogue upon his return from an aborted trip to Davos.


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2 comments on “Chamisa Dismisses Mnangagwa’s Conditions For Dialogue

  1. ED and Chamisa should put their differences aside and have a dialogue. We don`t want to continue seeing those violent protests its not good for the development of our nation.

  2. People talk about dialogue in general terms and no one is willing to break it down the details so that its easy to discuss and indeed happen!
    I think the government shoudl take the innititative and come up with an offer to the opposition and the opposition will accept the offer or reject it. by that time we have the ‘talks’ starting to happen-this idea of everyone just talking about dialogue rhetorically will not make things happen.
    the curch is lying to itself if they thing not opening the lid to open up the details of the dialogue will get dialogue to happen. they must come up with a document paper they shoud discuss as a starting point – which is an exclusive political pact call it transitional gvt or GNU. that pact after it is negotiated and agreed by political parties will be tasked to look into all other issues including economy, media reforms, political reforms solders man-butchering, ZEC and the future elections/electoral reforms etc. at this moment believe it or not, politicians have to do thier dialogue and agree first-then everone will come in after that.

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