Breaking: RBZ Adding FCA Accounts To RTGS Platform (Full Text)

In a circular sent out by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to financial institutions today, the central bank announced that it has not commenced test to have FCA accounts start using the RTGS system.

FCA Account where introduced last year at the beginning of October as an alternative for banking customers in Zimbabwe and the move was widely seen as an acceptance by government that Bond Note and RTGS balances where not equivalent to the US Dollar.

FCAs accounts were however not part of the RTGS or the ZIPIT platform. This is is now changing. Effectively, the meaning of RTGS in general language changes as there will now be RTGS Bond and RTGS FCA.

Here’s the full text:


We advise that the RTGS platform has been upgraded to include the United States Dollar (USD) to facilitate settlement of USD Nostro FCA transactions. The function is now available in the test environment for testing by participating institutions.

All participants are urged to send test messages end to end and ensure a full cycle of the transaction is completed. Results of the test should be logged immediately on the attached user acceptance testing form and submitted to the Reserve Bank on a daily basis until Friday,01 February 2019.

It is expected that the settlement of USD transactions will commence soon thereafter in the live environment.

Please be advised accordingly.

J. Mutepfa,
Deputy Director, Financial Markets Division — National Payment Systems

28 January 2019



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4 comments on “Breaking: RBZ Adding FCA Accounts To RTGS Platform (Full Text)

  1. What’s happened to our USD savings with the banks. When bond notes were given to us, we were told it is and always will be 1 to 1 with the USD. Our savings deposits were done in USD, have they now stolen that money.

  2. This Government thinks people are simple this is a load of nonsense. Just give us back our USD that was raided by Zanu. You think people will trust you.

  3. Thieves thieves thieves! Who is to say that RTGS FCA balances will not be stolen and replaced with some pseudo currency just like the US$ we put in the banks at time of dollarisation? Beware the thief will come in the night! I trust not!

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