Prosecutor-General Targets Corrupt Lawyers, Judicial Officers

Prosecutor-General Mr Kumbirai Hodzi yesterday said the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) is investigating corrupt stakeholders in the justice delivery system.

He said lawyers topped the list of those under investigations. In an interview, Hodzi said some judicial officers and prosecutors were also being investigated. Said Hodzi:

There are investigations in progress from the lower courts to the highest courts. Judicial officers, prosecutors and lawyers are under investigation. But the most heinous corruption is emanating from legal practitioners. Legal practitioners are dominating the list.

He said lawyers faced charges including gross unprofessional conduct,  theft of trust funds, corrupt transfer of property and extortion.

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Kumbirai HodziNational Prosecuting Authority

Kumbirai Hodzi is a Zimbabwean lawyer and the current Prosecutor General of Zimbabwe. He was appointed and sworn in in January 2019 following interviews in December 2018. In the public interviews, he came 6th best but no reaason was given on why he was chosen... Read More About Kumbirai Hodzi

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), is a body that has the constitutional mandate to combat corruption. It is one of the two Chapter 13 institutions specifically mandated ‘to combat crime and corruption’. The other being the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission. The NPA is established under section... Read More About National Prosecuting Authority

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One Comment on “Prosecutor-General Targets Corrupt Lawyers, Judicial Officers

  1. Who is not corrupt in Zimbabwe?? We were hoping Mnangagwa government will wipe out all the corrupt people in his government. Apparently, all the corrupt trash has been moved into the new dispensation. So, there is no difference between the old and new dispensation. That’s why the situation is getting worse in Zimbabwe. Thanks ED for trying anyway but you haven’t started.

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