Watch: “We Won’t Create A Country Where People Are Afraid Of Their Government” Dr. Eddison Zvobgo

Speaking to a journalist before the 1980 independence, the late Dr. Eddison Zvobgo says if they’d come into power, the black majority government would not create a society where people are afraid of their own government.

Starting mid-January 2019, police and the army have executed a crackdown on the Zimbabweans, raiding homes door to door at night, taking men, beating them and sometimes handing them over to police stations.

The crackdown followed a day of protest that took place on 14 January 2019 after ZCTU called for a nationwide stayaway. During the protests shops were looted, roads barricaded and vehicles burnt. 12 people are reported to have died from crackdown campaign.


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Eddison ZvobgoJanuary 2019 ProtestsTinashe Choto

Eddison Zvobgo was a politician, lawyer, poet and member of the Zanu-PF political party. He is known mostly for having been the mastermind of the legislation that enthroned Robert Mugabe as leader of a single party state in Zimbabwe in the 1980s. He had a... Read More About Eddison Zvobgo

The January 2019 Protests was civil unrest and riots that occurred in Zimbabwe and the violent response from the government from 14 to 16 January 2019. There are different figures provided on the number of people that died but a common figure is 5, most... Read More About January 2019 Protests

Kelvin Tinashe Choto was a 22-year-old man from Makoni, Chitungwiza who died after being shot by the Zimbabwe Republic Police during the January 2019 Protests. He was a football player. Before the family of Kelvin Tinashe Choto knew he had been killed, social media in... Read More About Tinashe Choto


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