ZHRC: 3 Year Old Girl Gave Vivid Account Of Beatings & Arrest Of Her Father

The report released by the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission has said that the crackdown on the opposition party leaders was so bad that fathers were beaten as their families watched, with young children witnessing the trauma.

The ZHRC gave the example of a 3 year old girl who gave a moving account of the violent abuse faced by her father:

The Commission received and verified reports that around the country, some Councillors  and Members of Parliament of the MDC Alliance as well as civil society leaders in suburbs where the most damage to property occurred were either abducted or arrested from their homes. At one Councilor’s house, children who included a three year old girl narrated what had happened to their father. The three year old girl gave a vivid and moving account of the beatings and arrest of her father during the late hours of the night.

Since last week, following road barricading and looting by protestors on the 14th of January, police and the military have executed a violent crackdown on Zimbabweans especially men in the high-density suburbs of Harare and Bulawayo. They have done door to door raids destroying property, taking men and beating them thoroughly and sometimes later handing them over to police stations for charging.

President Mnangagwa has come out blaming MDC-Alliance for the violence and the deaths. He however also said that improper actions by the state officials would be investigated. The violent crackdown has continued nonetheless.

The ZHRC is an organization created by section 242 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe to protect, promote and enforce human rights and freedoms in the country.



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Zimbabwe Human Rights CommissionJanuary 2019 Protests

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) is a national human rights institution which was established under section 242 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe. It is an independent Commission whose main mandate is to protect, promote and enforce human rights. Read More About Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission

The January 2019 Protests was civil unrest and riots that occurred in Zimbabwe and the violent response from the government from 14 to 16 January 2019. There are different figures provided on the number of people that died but a common figure is 5, most... Read More About January 2019 Protests

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