Zimbabweans Have Shot Themselves On The Foot Through Violent Protests- Zanu-PF Central Committee Member

Zanu-PF Central Committee member, Joseph Tshuma told VOA that Zimbabweans had not done themselves any favour by embarking in violent protests.

Tshuma said no investor would invest in a country where civilians destroy property and loot things. Said Tshuma:

To be honest with you when the president left the country all these things had not started to happen … I will tell you my brother without mincing my words. Zimbabweans have shot themselves on their feet because, look, with all these things happening, these are the kind of recipes that brew sort of anger, desperation and fear from any investors. It will be very difficult to invest in a country which can easily burn down property and loot things with impunity. And so, we are putting ourselves in a corner. We are crying that the economy is going down, others are trying to resuscitate it and then we throw the biggest spanner in the works. I’m telling you we have gone 10 steps backwards.

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5 comments on “Zimbabweans Have Shot Themselves On The Foot Through Violent Protests- Zanu-PF Central Committee Member

  1. You guys have all the answers for your failed state. Smith prospered under sanctions. All you do is fly round the world begging. I feel shame to borrow even from my family. No pride at all to show the world we can make a success without you. It can be done with the correct planning you are all lazy lazy.

  2. its true Zimbos are shooting themselves in the leg ! its quite funny that the Demonstrators think they will be fixing the Government yet in actual fact they are just burning their own homes , businesses and Country.
    i understand however where they get such funny ideas – their opposing leaders are well known since their College days for doing exactly the same – destroying and urinating in the dining hall yet later in the evening when sober and hungry they all line up in front of the same Dining Hall for food ! Nxaa

    its quite clear that this nation is desperately in need of Entrepreneurs with Local residence and understanding. gone are the days of Colonization and the partition of Africa among Europe. its either as Zimbos we fold our hands and cry or we stand up and take charge of our affairs ! the ZDF always shows us the proper stance ( thank you madhara) .
    i also think most City dwelling Youth are becoming a nuisance , why not enforce National service , take at least 7 to 10 years of mandatory unpaid work and service ! let them clean the streets and repair pot holes , unblocking gulleys and fixing water licks all over, we can also use this vast labour force for Agriculture – food comes from the Land not the Supermarkets. idle minds are the Devils workshops – Batai Vanhu ava team !
    however we remain ready zvedu ! those who want to test us will see us in full force ! mbiti ndidzo dzatinoda ku dealer nadzo .

  3. For someone to suggest that desperate, oppressed and hurting people are shooting themselves in the foot for expressing themselved, is calous and frivolous. No one agrees with crime as a solution but there is a real problem and before Zimbabwe can invite outsiders to invest, those problems have to be resolved. It starts with a basic understanding of what constitutes democracy and why we fought for liberation. There needs to be clarity in what is happening with our natural resources and not for a few greedy fat cats and their Jezebels monopolizing what belongs to all the people. From the comments of the previous oppressors, they are waiting for the total collapse of our government structure and total chaos so as they can come in and divide what belongs to us amongst themselves. Wisdom is essential! What we lack is proper management of our sufficient natural resources, which many outsiders are watching and waiting to rape again. Forming alliances with nations with the sole purpose and aim of gaining our resources, introducing neo-colonialism and bringing in oppression is not very smart. This benefits only those being given fat cheques which never find their way into our national coffers but purchase mansions in Russia, Middle East and in nations that have repressive regimes.
    Zimbabwe needs to manage what we have fairly before expecting outsiders to assist our economy out of the doldrums.

    Lest we forget the photo of the incumbent presidents son in a private aeroplane, with a mound of US dollars next to him and a promise from his father that he would be a minister. What democracy? While in Zimbabwe the people to whom the wealth belongs to, were sleeping on pavements in bank queues. Lest we forget the Asian man at the border allowed to walk out with over four million US dollars in cash because he greased the right palms. How then can a few misguided, hurting people be accused of bringing down the economy. When a man is hungry and his family have no food or plan to feed themselves and steals, who do we blame? None other than the grinning and laughing fat cats whose bellies are replete. How dare you accuse the suffering? You irresponsible, self-satisfied and uncouth ignoramus? Don’t support a government killing its people because they cried in their hunger.

    This is not about supporting crime but placing the blame where it should be!!! The greedy selfish government officials are stealing from us more than a hunk of beef or a loaf of bread.

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