We’ll Be Changing The Constitution To Deal With Protests, Says George Charamba

Deputy Chief Secretary in the Office of the President and Cabinet, George Charamba, said yesterday that the government is looking to change some provisions of the Constitution so that its better able to deal with situations like Shutdown Zimbabwe. The provisions, he said, are being abused by some political elements.

Said Charamba in an interview with the Sunday Mail:

It’s a question we will have to deal with as we revisit certain constitutional provisions which we now know are prone to abuse by so-called proponents of democracy.

More: The Sunday Mail

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3 comments on “We’ll Be Changing The Constitution To Deal With Protests, Says George Charamba

  1. Kkkkkk,Always changing goal posts for the sake of power.They will never accept their mistakes.The more they get old the more they get ruthless and foolish in their policies. Such as life.kkkkkk

  2. Who told you Charamba that you will be or exist to draft your stupid oppressive constitution. Your end is near time to fix the future of your own family and not Zimbabweans, you are an evil man and we know you

  3. Taneta nezvimbwa sungata zvevatema. Zimbabwes constitution is not zanu pf constitution. We are the people of zimbabwe, not zanu pf party. Hatidi mbiti. George, usatora nyika ino kuita yezanu, no

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