Kirsty Coventry Should Resign, Otherwise She’ll Be Culpable Of Government Crimes, Says David Coltart

Supporting calls for Kirsty Coventry to resign, lawyer and former government minister David Coltart, said today that Coventry should resign as she risks being culpable of ongoing government violence against Zimbabweans.

Said Coltart:

Coltart was responding to a conversation started by another prominent lawyer, Fadzai Mahare, who said she respected Coventry’s decision to stay on but questioned how she’d be able to dissociate herself from the liability of the conduct of a Government she’s part of.

Rumour circulated last week that Coventry had resigned. However she said she would stay on and that she believed sports (which she’s a minister of) is part of the solution.

Some on Twitter have questioned why calls to resign have focused on Kirsty Coventry and not other ministers. Such calls, it has been said are based on her race and a messiah complex:

A few people, such as 2018 presidential election candidate, Noah Manyika, called on Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube to resign too.

The Zimbabwean security agents have gone on a campaign of retribution on Zimbabweans for protests on 14 January 2019. it has been reported that as many as 12 people have died from the violence on Zimbabweans, most of them men from high density surburbs in Harare.


January 2019 ProtestsKirsty CoventryDavid Coltart

The January 2019 Protests was civil unrest and riots that occurred in Zimbabwe and the violent response from the government from 14 to 16 January 2019. There are different figures provided on the number of people that died but a common figure is 5, most... Read More About January 2019 Protests

Kirsty Leigh Coventry is a Zimbabwean swimmer and the Minister of Youth, Sports, and Recreation. Kirsty won several medals in recent Olympics over the years. She made history at the Sydney Olympic games by winning several medals and becoming the most successful Zimbabwean athlete at... Read More About Kirsty Coventry

David Coltart is a Zimbabwean lawyer, human rights advocate and politician. he is a member of the MDC party led by Welshman Ncube.In January of 2018 Senator Coltart issued an apology for his role as a member of the British South African Police in sustaining... Read More About David Coltart

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