You’d Be A Fool To Invest In A Country That Denies Its Citizens The Internet – Rob Rose (Editor Financial Mail)

Financial Mail Editor Rob Rose criticised the current situation in Zimbabwe saying it proves that the country is not open for business.

He said the internet shutdown by Government illustrates that the country is not open to its citizens. Rose said an investor would be a fool to invest in a country that denies its own citizens the internet. Said Rose:

Well I think its terribly distabilising for the whole region, but I do think for Zimbabwe its completely melted away this notion, this narrative they have been putting out that they are open for business. Mnangagwa is supposed to be going overseas, I think he is going to Davos as well to sell the message of Zimbabwe being open for business  and this illustrates that it is not open to its own citizens. Its a despotic regime by Mugabe’s henchmen…You would be a fool to invest in a country that would just deny it’s citizens the internet…

Watch Rose’s full comment below:

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14 comments on “You’d Be A Fool To Invest In A Country That Denies Its Citizens The Internet – Rob Rose (Editor Financial Mail)

  1. Correct,how can you invest in a visible tyrant led country? Only bad people can do business with this junta government.

  2. i think one would also be a fool not to consider investment back Home in times like these ! every Empire rises and falls – the Anglo American Reign is actually coming to its end. the British and their Allies have had their chance but like every other Empire their days are also numbered. Gone are the days when investments could only be made by Europeans only, right now the idea of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is loosing credibility. meaningful investments Now and in the Future are being driven by African (Black) Bourgeoisie with national belonging. its the European, American or so called African of European origin who are Globe trotting and peddling panic on Zim issues. the agenda of discrediting Africans off their property and inheritance is widespread.
    i feel pity for quite a number of Zimbabweans who actually fall for such petty misinformation bent on destroying the National Image. Zimbabwe has never been this ripe before ! this is indeed the time to invest back home. in any society we have peasants , bourgeoisie and the ruling classes, its quite obvious im not talking of zims peasant class here as this class of citizenry has a broiler like mentality only flocking towards the light , towards food & water for survival irrespective. as Zimbabwean Bourgeoisie we cant let the Foreign Bosses Dictate policy and Economic Direction of this state.
    leave Africa in the hands of Africans, we will find our way sooner or later , our military force will continue to discipline unruly behavior by our youth, this has nothing to do with Europe or America!

      1. asi woti ndimi mega munogona kudira jecha ? think again , isu todirawo jhecha tobva takuvharirai futi . munochema chete gore rino .

    1. We cannot agree with you , firstly its your so called president whose globetrotting begging for handouts from Europe.As he is your leader and you obviously subcribe to the same doctrines, i think you are are suffering from cognitive dissonance.
      Why dont you go back home ?

    2. I think you have lost us there. I think you need find a better approach. I can see you have wisdom but isa mazvi ako zvakanaka. Otherwise zvirikuitika nezvamui kutaura zvinenge zvikuti pesanei mbichana. I also think u r living outside Zimbabwe?? u r not on the ground where real people live. I hear you though, that Zimbabwe needs its people to invest in it and that’s a must!. Asi rongonorai mazvi enyu and win the people’s heart first so that ground in ready for the seed. I see you have big heart for Zimbabwe and the people and that’s good leadership. I also see you also trying to be positive which good. well done. “asi woti ndimi mega munogona kudira jecha ? think again , isu todirawo jhecha tobva takuvharirai futi . munochema chete gore rino” … these sort of statements don’t bring solutions and unity. Help bring Love and Unity. Amen.

  3. But in this day and age as you very well know most businesses use internet to communicate with suppliers and buyers. The question we must answer is. How do you operate a business without communication with clients?

  4. He must be one of those who enjoy living in a country lime this. He must be one of the corrupt people who have wrecked our country. He doesn’t want a change because he is one the selfish, greedy people. Such comments are old fashioned.

    1. I withdraw majecha ! you are right i agree with you . we need peace and prosperity my Friend. However remember we are all Zimbos, there is no special queue for Zanu or MDC we are in this altogether. i live in Harare and all these hardships i face – no special privileges. if Mum & Dad fights at Home it wont help if us children take sides and rush to neighboring houses asking for weapons. Chamisa must grow up- its not college politics anymore Zim is our Home. MDC failure to respect its elders and other arms of Governance is also a key factor, without an Army what are we ? leave Madhara and focus on your generational battles, we as Zim youth we are faced with an Economic War. we need Entrepreneurs who can employ the Peasants, not grouping Peasants for War. iwo madhara amunoti achembera ngaabve – vakatorwa hondo dzavo vakatopedza ! zvasarire isu .

  5. Its more foolish to burn other people’s investments. So many people have lost their source of livelihoods especially in Bulawayo and nobody is talking about it, very disheartening to see that the media is just silent about it

  6. Considering the thriving businesses in Zimbabwe currently is street vending, shutting the internet and communication networks wouldnt harm any business. These Zanu pf Guys are thugs and to my surprise the world has not opened their eyes. He[Mnangagwa] must not be allowed to leave country until he either fix the problems at home or resign

  7. Its very funny how Zimbabwe claims to be a democratic country yet the citizens are not allowed to express their opinions on anything(freedom of expression) is what im talking about. We all want things to be right but only them, the high authorities are aware of whats the layback. we could change overnight but
    vakuru venyu

  8. the cross sector unseen and seen short / long term consequences of this draconian ruling locally and internationally are quite tragic and a classic cause of underdevelopment of Zimbabwe and Africa by Africans with I suppose “people at their hearts “

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