Breaking: “Civilians Stole Our Uniforms” – Zimbabwe Police & Army Say In Joint Press Conference

The Zimbabwe Republic Police and Military addressed a press conference this evening where they said that military and police uniforms were stolen by civilians. They asked that these uniforms be returned.

Said part of the statement:

Some of these uniforms worn by criminals were seized by rogue elements during the recent riots in Epworth and Chegutu. A case in point is a recent arrest of five armed robbers in Epworth, Harare on 14 January 2019, who were using police and military regalia to commit armed robberies, after hiring vehicles from car rental companies.

We are therefore giving an ultimatum to individuals who have retired, deserted, absented themselves without official leave (AWOL) from service to immediately handover uniforms either to the police or the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.

All those who do not comply with this directive will be flushed out by already deployed members of the security services. We are also appealing to members of the public who have information on such people who are not serving members and are abusing military/police regalia to report to the police.

The police & army did not say how these uniforms where stolen or who they suspect of the theft. They also did not entertain any questions from journalists at the press conference.

The army and police have been accused this week of ochestrating a campaign of betings and toture especially in high density surbubs following the violent 14 January 2019 protests.

Zimbabwe Republic Police

The Zimbabwe Republic Police is the country's law enforcing and maintaining organ. It was established in 1980 evolving from the Rhodesian Police and incorporated members from both the Rhodesian and the nationalist forces. It operates under the Ministry of Home Affairs. Read More About Zimbabwe Republic Police

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  1. Bayehluleka Reply

    Baze bagula ngengqondo bo abantu.Umphakathi utshontshe iuniform yamasotsha lamapholisa,kuyahlekisa lakho.Pho izikhali bazithatha kuphi? Kutsho khona ukuthi upresident lo elimvikelayo akaphephanga kwalona ilizwe.Awutsho okunye sehluleki somuntu.

  2. Tindo Reply

    How safe is our country if uniforms can be stolen then the thugs organise themselves to harass citizens countrywide without restraint with the ‘genuine police basking in the sun’
    Further, these robbers also stole army trucks?
    How safe is Zimbabwe then?

    All Army and Police top brass need to be court marshalled then disgracefully discharched.
    Nonsense mhani.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Besides uniforms how about men in plain clothes armed with AK47, roaming around and doing roadblocks with the cops but are not part of the state security ie police or army. The state says they do not know them.How can that be explained?

  4. Sumba Reply

    These security agents with they’re agreed lies against innocent civilians. It totally mean that in Zimbabwe people are enemies of state, government is the one that causes hate.

  5. Phil Reply

    What a thing to admit to. This is garbage and is being promulgated to hide an even bigger problem . What a disgrace.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    The problem with our government is they take us for fools. They look at us and think they can treat us, talk to us like kindergarten kids. Its painful because, we are human. We are created in the image of God. That is not a petty thing to consider. We were fearfully made. We do not deserve this kind of treatment. It is not right. Lets pray for our government to treat us like real human beings.

  7. Anonymous Reply

    If any one would believe it they need medical help.

    Why are you not out there stopping them? Because it is so difficult to stop your own orders? Let our people go!!!!!

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