Zimbabwe Restores Internet Again. Keeps Social Media Blocked

After restoring access to the internet today, 15 hours after a second internet blackout was started, the government has instructed internet providers to keep access to social media apps blocked.

Econet Wireless, which has been communicating consistently with its customers about the issue this week sent an SMS this afternoon:

we got a further instruction under the ministerial directive to open access to the generality of Internet services except for specified social media applications.

Yesterday, when the second blockade started, Econet SMSed:

we were served with another directive for total shutdown of the internet until further notice. Our lawyers advised we are required to comply with the directive pending the Courts decision on its legality. The earlier directives are already the subject of a pending High Court Application . We sincerely apologize for all inconvenience caused by the acts of  government  which are beyond our reasonable control

It’s not clear what persuaded the government to open up access to the internet this time. Earlier this week, the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting said that the internet is being blocked in the interest of national security.

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  1. Moi Reply

    How is this correct we pay for WiFi services it is not a free service from the Government. Thieves at it again.

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