Soldiers Pick Up CICZ Chairperson Rashid Mahiya’s Mother To Put Pressure On Him

The Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) has said that soldiers picked up Crisis In Zimbabwe Coalition (CIZC) chairperson Rashid Mahiya’s mother.

ZHLR said the soldiers picked up Mahiya’s mother from her Chitungwiza home to put pressure on the CIZC chairperson who is believed to be behind the stay away. Said ZLHR:

Soldiers pick up Mrs Mahiya (Rashid Mahiya’s mother) to put pressure on Rashid. @ZLHRLawyers condemns this illegal act which is unconstitutional.

State media carried reports that CIZC was working with Western sponsors to lead protests that would force President Mnangagwa into a transitional authority with the opposition. Police visited CIZC offices in what they described as a routine visit. CIZC denied reports it was working with Western sponsors to unseat President Mnangagwa’s Government.


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Rashid Mahiya is the executive director of Heal Zimbabwe. Read More About Rashid Mahiya

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) is a not for profit human rights organization whose core objective is to foster a culture of human rights in Zimbabwe as well as encourage the growth and strengthening of human rights at all levels of Zimbabwean society through... Read More About Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights

Chitungwiza is a dormitory town found some 30 km, from Harare. The town is known for producing some of the finest musicians such as Alick Macheso and Mechanic Manyeruke. The latest popuation survey(2012) revealed that the city has In 2013 it made international headlines after... Read More About Chitungwiza

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