Kirsty Coventry Denies Resigning From Mnangagwa Government, Says Sport Is Part Of The Solution

After rumours circulated on social media yesterday claiming that Kirsty Coventry had resigned, the Olympian set the record straight today, saying that she was still a minister in President Mnangagwa’s government.

Said Coventry:

I’d like to make it clear that I have not resigned as Minister. Whatever the problems,sport can and should be part of the solution and I will pour my energies into uplifting our Youth, Sports and Arts, until I can no longer be effective and make the impact we need in our country.

Coventry is the Minister of Sports and Culture, a position she was appointed to after Mnangagwa won the July 2018 elections. Rumours that she had resigned circulated on social media following the violent protests that government responded to heavy handedly resulting in the death of several individuals.

Kirsty also said on Twitter that she is immesenly saddened by the current siuation in Zimbabwe:

What has happened in Zimbabwe has saddened me immensely. I am sorry to everyone that has been affected by the recent events. Violence is never the answer and needs to be investigated and actions taken. We need peace so no one else suffers and we can rebuild our nation together.


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