Govt Offers 19% Salary Increase, Civil Servants Say Offer Will Not Address Incapacitation

Government has tabled its revised offer to civil servants in a meeting held under the National Joint Negotiating Council (NJNC).

Last week Government and civil servants failed to reach an agreement when the workers rejected a 10 percent salary review prompting government to increase its offer by a further 9 percent. Apex Council through its chairperson Mrs Cecilia Alexander said it will seek consultation from its members concerning the latest offer. She however said the offer falls short from what they expected. Said Alexander:

We appreciate the gesture but it will not address our problem of incapacitation, government today brought a revised offer, in our view as negotiators it falls far short. Meanwhile, we will consult our constituency which will give us direction.

The Apex Council’s deputy chairperson Mr Thomas Muzondo also thanked President Mnangagwa for availing a cushioning allowance. Last week President Emmerson Mnangagwa directed Treasury to pay civil servants a cushioning allowance of between 22.7 percent for the lowest paid worker and 5 percent for the highest paid employee.

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One Comment on “Govt Offers 19% Salary Increase, Civil Servants Say Offer Will Not Address Incapacitation

  1. Now you want to bribe our people ne mari yeropa, you want to cover up with dirty money the crimes you committed using the uneducated militias and very dull soldiers . Who doesn’t know its bribery money . That useless money you will print to pay some ignorant civil servants who will give in to such crap won’t buy back the lives lost the wonds of the butchered and the suffering you are causing to our people. Shame on you the worst evil govt on planet. Look at your evil Gomwe and your guys the Pupurayi who you are protecting. Do not think you will stay in power for good change will come and these idiots you are sending to commit horrendous acts will pay heavily, truly speaking Zimbos will bury these thugs alive, their relatives will live to tell even you evil leaders and ministers you will pay heavily for your devilish acts. No crime will go unpunished Zimboz we are watching you its a matter of time and you shall pay heavily

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