BREAKING: The Internet Has Been Switched Back On In Zimbabwe After 30 Hours Of Darkness Following Protests

After the internet was completely switched off across Zimbabwe on the 15th of January 2019, some service providers have just switched back on. This is some 30 hours after the last service provider to switch off did so at about 12 midday on 14 January 2019.

Social media access is still limited though. Only one service provider (Econet) has been confirmed to be permitting access to Facebook and no other popular social platform. The most popular platform is the chat application WhatsApp which is still not available.


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23 comments on “BREAKING: The Internet Has Been Switched Back On In Zimbabwe After 30 Hours Of Darkness Following Protests

  1. Yoo i had good concentration on everything i did ,there was peace and quiet on my phone ,its high time i get a ndorindori and enjoy the peace ,CALLS only,i love it

  2. Whatsapp and Facebook still down,they didn’t switch it back on,I think it is still half hacked. Nxah where is our freedom then

  3. How are we supposed to communicate with our relatives who are in the diaspora , who are very much worried about us a bit of thought and fairness should be put into this , our rights are being violated

  4. Early Thuraday morning and only google is working. All social media platforms are blocked, including youtube!!!! The anger that is brewing within is unhealthy especially after seeing gory images of injured, maimed and dead people from Monday night until Wednesday.

  5. It’s pointless to say data has been restored whilst we can’t even connect at all.It’s better to switch it completely off than lying to the people.This is just too much for us.

  6. this is nonsense what hve we done to dis gvt avaguti mari vkaiita sei… apa they are spending 25 million on mnangangwa useless trip … I think we shld continue to burn all Tollgates n fuel pumps we dont deserve to be oppressed we should keep on staying away …. international organisations where are you no internet here in Zimbabwe only google is operating and energy mutodi goes on to lie saying its network congestion while econet is saying they hve been told to do so and its beyond their control #keeponstaying away #edmustgo

  7. What is SADC saying? Soldiers are beating & killing their fellow brothers & sisters.After exercising their rights.which means us as Zimbabweans we don’t have rights. We are back on those days of Gugurahundi network is blocked we can’t contact our loved ones.l wonder what will the President’s statement when he comes back from the Country. Let’s Pray for our country Zimbabwe.

  8. A gross and unforgivable ruling on the Human Rights of Zimbabweans and The Greater World as it impigns on freedom of association and communication in fundamental ways

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