Econet Zimbabwe Blocks Access To Whole Internet, Following Government Directive, Rendering 65% Of Country Offline

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has blocked access to the whole internet following a directive from the government. Pindula News has learnt that the users of the mobile network started realising they could not access the internet at about 0845hrs on 15 January 2019.

Over 65% of the active mobile network subscriptions in Zimbabwe are on the Econet Wireless network.

So far other networks have just blocked access to social media apps WhatsApp and Facebook, Zimbabwe’s largest mobile operator has pulled the plug on the whole internet.

It is expected that the other networks will also follow suit. (Update: Government Network provider TelOne has also now blocked the whole internet ) If it happens, Zimbabweans will not have access to the internet. Other services that also depend on the internet (Health, Plane Travel) will also be affected.

The internet shutdown follows a day of violent protests that reportedly resulted in 5 people dead and several others injured, some from gunshot wounds.

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7 comments on “Econet Zimbabwe Blocks Access To Whole Internet, Following Government Directive, Rendering 65% Of Country Offline

  1. This does not make sense. So what’s happens when they finally turn it back on? All the current issues will be gone? It will slow down momentum but until someone addresses the issues headon this will continue to happen. When you shutdown the internet you are killing business, telecommunications, trading, the list is endless. This is not about FB, WhatsApp or any other social sites.

  2. How then does it tally with the Mantra “Zimbabwe is Open for Business”. Just check it how does it tally with the Constitutional Fundamentals on Human Rights in Zimbabwe; United Nations; SADC and African Union Charter(s)?

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