How To Connect To WhatsApp & Facebook When They Get Blocked (Updated)

If for some reason some of the websites you use are not working anymore during the ZCTU Stay Away, you can use what is called a VPN to get them working again. This includes access to your social media sites (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter) or news sites.

The VPNs that you can access on your laptop for free include:

You can also check out the following VPN’s on mobile:


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3 comments on “How To Connect To WhatsApp & Facebook When They Get Blocked (Updated)

  1. Science and Technology is to advanced that some authorities do not realize that even what they are thinking now can be well coded and decoded …how do you block a system to those who even created it and be convinced you’re inaccessible….becoz actually they have the overiding codes to either code, decode; record as they may choose. this measure may turn out to be a mockery for those who subscribe to it

  2. don’t flatter yourselves my guys. it’s not that government can’t access the tech to block all VPN offering sites, but that government has had a very lax attitude towards the net and net usage. now that they are forced to consider the subversive uses of the net don’t ever doubt you’ll see them deploy something akin to the “Great Firewall of China.” don’t forget VPN wouldn’t allow you to have free net access in Zim as we speak: fact!!

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