Service Stations Not Authorised To Sell Fuel In US Dollars Only- Govt

The Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services denied rumours Government had authorised service stations to sell fuel in US dollars only.

The Information Ministry said dealers should consider all currencies including the bond note. Said the Information Ministry on Twitter:

There is no Government policy allowing all petrol stations to sell fuel in US dollars only,” said the ministry. Cabinet has not approved such an arrangement. All currencies in the basket, including bond note which is pegged at 1:1 with the USD, are an acceptable form of tender. There is no discretion to exclude other currencies in the basket. Fuel stations are advised to limit the number of cars on the forecourt at any one time so as to avoid a disaster in case of a fire.

The ministry said Government had not come up with any measures to ration fuel purchases, but noted that operators had proposed the idea to ensure equitable distribution of the commodity. In an interview with The Herald, Secretary for Information, Publicty and Broadcasting Services Nick Mangwana urged the public to report operators demanding US dollars only to regulatory authorities.


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Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting ServicesNick Mangwana

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