Small Private Cars Wasting Fuel & Creating Crisis & Bad Optics, Says The Herald

The government-controlled publication, The Herald, said in an editorial today that small privately owned cars are contributing to the fuel crisis by using fuel for non-productive purposes.

Referring to them as “small fuel-happy cars” the publication said these cars are creating a sense of crisis and chaos, along with bad optics. The government, says the editorial, has done enough but small cars and fuel station companies that are misappropriating fuel/USD allocations are causing the crisis.

Says the editorial:

Additionally, Government should take measures to ensure it does not waste foreign currency on fuel.

A cursory look at the demand and consumption of fuel shows that a majority of it goes to luxury use, with small vehicles dominating.

It follows that where petrol is concerned, Zimbabwe is happily burning away fuel on non-productive use.

Strangely when there are shortages, it is these small fuel-happy cars that create a sense of crisis and chaos, along with the bad optics.

We suggest that Government must institute measures that discourage the happy and prodigious use of fuel while promoting productivity.


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The Herald

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6 comments on “Small Private Cars Wasting Fuel & Creating Crisis & Bad Optics, Says The Herald

  1. If herald doesn’t any thing to write please dont rubbish us with annoying reports.since when motorists are told how to use their it your moneis,do you know how people are surviving.please concetrate on your job not to say nonsense.thats non of your business.

  2. Who said private vehicles are only for luxury. The fuel may be used for work, businesses among other productive purposes. Its not only tobbaco that builds economy. Individuals contribute a lot to the economy not to mention the 2 percent they robbing us. There is nothing as wasting fuel or cause of fuel crisis. The reality is that fuel is scarce in Zimbabwe dont give lame excuses.

  3. Next the Herald will be blaming the person who invented the internal combustion engine for the fuel crisis. Who buys this garbage paper?

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