Zim ‘Housegirl’ Attains Law Degree In South Africa, Used Domestic Worker Salary To Pay Fees

A Zimbabwean maid working in South Africa, Barbra Gurupira, has proved the adage that the sky is the limit by attaining a law degree in that country. The woman used her domestic worker salary to pay for her university tuition.

Gurupira’s boss Tim Theron, a South African based actor, as well as his wife, were so touched by her dedication.

Theron posted a photo of himself, his wife and Gurupira on his Facebook account with the following caption:

This awesome lady is Barbra Gurupira. We found her through Sweepsouth when we were looking for someone to help us with the chaos in our house over the holidays. We were chatting about her family when she shared the following: She put herself through university by working as a domestic worker and completed her LLB in October of this year – she even had a few distinctions! But now she is desperately looking for a firm to do her articles at.

– She’s clearly a disciplined hard worker. After all, you don’t work AND study this hard if you’re not.
– Her English proficiency is impressive and it was clear that she has a good head on her shoulders. We got the impression that (together with her husband, who studied in a similar way to become an accountant) she is working with a goal in mind.

Any attorneys/firms (preferably in the Cape) that might be willing to grant her an interview for a chance to complete her articles? Here’s your chance to give someone an opportunity that might make an incredible difference in a family’s life!
(For enquiries: We have all her information, as well as a transcript of her marks and qualification available.)

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